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Cinema for Peace Berlin
Cinema for Peace
Cinema for Peace
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Cinema for Peace
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Ai Weiwei Konzerthaus installation
Ai Weiwei Konzerthaus installation
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Ai Weiwei meets Pussy Riot and Daniel Brühl

Cinema for Peace encouraged artists, filmmakers and human rights activists to meet and discuss freedom of speech, human rights and democracy.
Ai Weiwei meets Pussy Riot and Daniel Brühl

Lunch with Friends

On Saturday, August 16th 2015, Ai Weiwei met over a lunch, among others, the German actor Daniel Brühl and Nadeschda Tolokonnikowa, founder of the Russian feminist punk rock protest group Pussy Riot. Nadeschda and Ai Weiwei shared their experience as human rights defenders, imprisoned because they represent a threat for their governments.

Ai Weiwei and Cinema for Peace have now been working together on many different film screenings and conferences. On his last visit to Ai Weiwei in Bejing, the founder of Cinema for Peace received a copy of his cinematic work (26 films) that has been honored at the Cinema for Peace Gala 2015. On a recent video, as he was no longer allowed to travel outside of China, he declared: “Working together on defending human rights, will not only help me but it will help every human being”. Last May, the Cinema for Peace Foundation screened in Martin-Gropius-Bau some of Ai Weiwei´s most unknown documentaries, followed by a discussion held by the federal government on the defense of human rights.


In 2014, after Nadeschda Tolokonnikowa and Marija Aljochina were released from jail, Cinema for Peace has worked on connecting these two women both with worldwide politics and cinematic works. That is how they made themselves heard in the European Parliament and at the Olympic games of Sotschi. Last February 2014, they gave a speech at the Cinema for Peace annual gala, denouncing the abuse of power in Russia, but also the dreadful conditions in prisons and in the labor camps.


In the past, the Cinema for Peace Foundation supported repeatedly human rights activists in Russia and it coproduced a film about Anna Politkowskaya. On the occasion of the celebration of the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th 2014, Cinema for Peace had also made it possible for Michael Gorbatchev, Angela Merkel and Tom Hanks to meet. These informal meetings are an essential part of the work of the Cinema for Peace Foundation.

Ai Weiwei for Cinema for Peace

Ai Weiwei's 'Safe Passage' installation with life-vests from Lesbos for Cinema for Peace.


Upcoming Screenings:


August 13th 2018, at the Schikaneder Kino in Vienna / Address: Margaretenstraße 24, A - 1040 Wien