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Anniversary Battle of the Camel, 2 February 2012

Tragedy has struck Egypt as hundreds were injured and over 70 killed in an inexplicable outbreak of violence at a football match in Upper-Egypt on February 2nd. Reports of sword-wielding hired thugs and military/security complicity are bountiful. The story is eerily familiar.

Last year, on February 2nd, a group of Mubarak supporters, allegedly paid by the regime, attacked peaceful protesters at Tahrir Square on horse and camel-back, armed with knives, clubs, and whips. The protestors bravely resisted and held their ground, marking a turning point for the public’s support of the revolution, as it showed the depraved depths to which the Mubarak government was willing to go to hold on to power.

While the revolution successfully got rid of Mubarak, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) still retains power against popular will by using the same heavy handed tactics that were a trademark of Mubarak’s rule, prompting the internationally esteemed Muhammed El Baredei to protest any elections in Egypt that would take place under current circumstances of intimidation and emergency law.



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