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Belarusian Waltz

Belarus is the last country in Europe under dictatorship. Iron-fisted authorities in Belarus have responded now to a burst of creative modes of protest by young protesters with a rather surreal innovation of their own: a law that prohibits people from standing together and doing nothing. Anyone proven to be taking part in such a gathering would be subject to up to 15 days of administrative arrest, the draft says.

This new, soon to be past law seems to be a new peak in a long row of restrictions in Belarus’ politics in terms of human rights and freedom of expression. Since 1994 the country has been ruled by the Aleksandr Lukashenko who turned Belarus that is a republic by name in a dictatorship. Religious, political and journalistic activity is tightly controlled and there is widespread spying on ordinary people and minority groups.

Please watch an excerpt from the movie “Belarusian Waltz” by Andrzej Fidyk that tells the story of an artist that is not scared to stand up for his human rights and thus fights the repressive regime.