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Climate Change Hits New York

NEW YORK - Only one month ago, Cinema for Peace organized an evening on Climate Change in New York on the occasion of the UN General Assembly and highlighted the work of film producer Trudie Styler and Sting with their Rainforest Fund.  Nobody expected that the impacts of Climate change would hit New York so soon and hard as the hurricanes did a few days ago.

Hurricane Sandy was the biggest tropical cyclone to make landfall on the US east cost and it caused widespread damage in the Caribbean and the US, killing at least 162 people and knocking down electricity, public transport and flooding streets in metropolitan areas, including large parts of New York City.

There is a growing body of evidence that so called blocking patterns that change the direction of jet streams are caused by a warming Arctic. Normally, the jet streams would have pushed a storm like Sandy eastward, but due to these changes attributed to climate change the storm hit the east coast of the USA.

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg commented that immediate action should be taken by world leaders to fight climate change, which is believed to have contributed to an increase in extreme weather around the world in recent years. Bloomberg didn't see the necessity for such a call a month ago when he was invited to do so, but Trudie Styler did at Cinema for Peace New York, “We have to demand that our industries and our governments work together to protect our resources and to build a more promising future for us all. Let our legacy be that we were the generation that turned things around.” Amy Goodman from Democracy Now said, “Back in 2009 ... I spoke at the UN General Assembly on Climate Change and as the Copenhagen Summit approached a few short weeks later, some of us dared to hope that the leaders of this world would seize the day and would agree to drastic cuts in carbon emissions by the biggest polluting nations. But no. The leaders of the world failed us because the naysayers in the press undermined the science and debunked the theories. You know in the face of impending global catastrophe, human nature turns us all into incurable optimists. We ignore the facts; we bury our heads in the sand; we are blind to everything except what we want to believe.”

We recommend you to watch the following films which have been highlighted by Cinema for Peace on this topic:

  • THE AGE OF STUPID is a film set in the future, where an archivist looks at old footage from the year 2008 to understand why humankind failed to address climate change.
  • THE 11th HOUR is a look at the state of the global environment including visionary and practical solutions for restoring the planet's ecosystems.
  • THE ISLAND PRESIDENT recounts the story of President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives, who fights to keep his low-lying island nation from disappearing under the sea.
  • In CHASING ICE, NatGeo photographer James Balog travels across the arctic with time-lapse cameras designed for one purpose: to capture a multi-year record of the world’s changing glaciers.
  • THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW is a fiction movie about a sudden global storm the plunges the planet into a new Ice Age.
  • AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH is a documentary on Al Gore's campaign to make the issue of global warming a recognized problem worldwide.



The Age of Stupid" by Franny Armstrong

"Chasing Ice" by Jeff Orlowski

"The 11th Hour" by Leonardo DiCaprio

"The Day After Tomorrow" by Roland Emmerich

"The Island President" by Jon Shenk

"An Inconvenient Truth" by Davis Guggenheim