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Murder for Amazonas Resources

According to reports from Venezuela, a village of 80 indigenous people has been firebombed from the air by illegal gold miners, garimpeiros. These gold miners enter the Amazonas state from Brazil in hopes of finding valuable metals and are known for having standoffs with the indigenous people that live in these areas.

Local human rights activists are now demanding a full investigation from the government. The Amazonas area where the alleged attack took place is very remote and in the past getting criminal investigators there has been a challenge, so such horrific acts can potentially take place unpunished.

The attack on the indigenous people is another example of how greed for natural resources drives people to commit human rights breaches and pollute the environment. In Peru, the “Minas Congas” gold mining project has caused uproar as it threatens to destroy four sacred lakes in the province of Celendin. The hunger for energy manifests also in environmentally destructive projects, such as the Belo Monte Dam in Brazil’s Amazon rainforests as well as the reckless oil pumping off the coast of Nigeria, which has polluted large parts of the Niger Delta region.

The Cinema for Peace Trailer of the Week presents “The Devil Operation” by Stephanie Boyd, a documentary that has won several awards, including the 'International Human Rights Film Award'  by Amnesty International and  Cinema for Peace  in 2011. The film recounts the struggle led by Father Marco Arana against the mining company in Peru.
“A Message From Pandora” by James Cameron, winner of the Cinema for Peace Green Film Award 2011, depicts the epic battle to stop the massive Belo Monte Dam on the Xingu River in the Brazilian Amazon.

“Sweet Crude” by Sandy Cioffi recounts the environmental destruction caused by the oil industry in Nigeria.  “Crude” by Joe Berlinger, winner of the Green Film Award in 2010,  documents the extended legal struggle between Ecuadorian indigenous peoples and the multinational corporation Chevron that has turned parts of the Amazon rainforest into a toxic wasteland.



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