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Decline of Democracy in Russia

The recent conviction of the members of the punk band “Pussy Riot” is  just the latest chapter in the ever-increasing decay of democracy in Russia led by President Vladimir Putin.

The Putin government has a dubious track record in breaching human rights: stealing the fortunes of its own people, creating an atmosphere of acceptance for the murder of investigative journalists and dissidents with impunity and manipulating election results. In the international scene, the Russian government is effectively preventing an intervention to protect the Syrian people from their leader by vetoing United Nations Security Council resolutions while simultaneously arming the Assad regime.

What is there to be done? Should other Western countries seize Russian   assets, ban Russian officials from traveling and indict President   Putin? Or will we continue to ignore the human rights violations going   on in this huge country? Not only Russian activists have expressed contempt at the conviction, but also world leaders such as USA’s Barack Obama and Germany‘s Angela   Merkel. All over the world citizens of many nations took to the streets   to express their anger against the verdict.

The following trailers present the Pussy Riot punk band performing their song in a Russian Cathedral as well as Mr. Garry Kasparov, former chess world champion, Cinema for Peace International Committee Member and human rights activist, being caught rough-handedly by the police during demonstrations against the conviction of the band members. Mr. Kasparov himself might now face up to five years in prison for   allegedly biting a policeman during the arrest. Cinema for Peace is   greatly disturbed about Mr. Kasparov being arrested while exercising basic human rights.

“Justice for Sergei”, a movie about the lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, won the Cinema for Peace Justice Award in 2012. “Letter to Anna” is a film about the journalist and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya, who was murdered in 2006 after being a vocal opponent of the conflict in Chechnya as well as of President Vladimir Putin. The film was co-produced by Cinema for Peace and was honored the Audience Award at   the Human Rights Festival by late Czech President Vaclav Havel. In the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, which Anna Politkovskaya also used to work for, Havel wrote: “There can be no talk of democracy as   long as the leaders of the state insult the dignity of citizens,   control the judiciary, the mass media and manipulate election results.”


Pussy Riot performing in a Moscow Cathedral
Former Chess World Champion Garry Kasparov arrested



"Letter to Anna", by Eric Bergkraut - Trailer