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Cover the Night is ON-Invisible Children


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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Cover the Night is HERE!

We will earn the right to be heard by our global leaders by serving our local communities. And above all demonstrating that our liberty is bound together. – Invisible Children

Today, April 20 2012, marks the next step in a revolutionary worldwide campaign “Stop Kony”, which seeks to make indicted Ugandan war criminal and International Criminal Court fugitive Joseph Kony known worldwide in order to have him arrested by December 2012.

Since 2005, Invisible Children have worked to stop the horrific LRA violence and abuse, and restore the war-affected communities in East and Central Africa by increasing global awareness of the LRA through film and social action, and by empowering young people to fight against these injustices through large-scale advocacy campaigns.

On March 5, Invisible Children released a short film created to promote the Stop Kony campaign, which received an exceptional response. The film went viral and has had over 86 million views on YouTube, and over 16.6 million views on Vimeo, On April 5, they released a follow-up video titled Kony 2012: Part II - Beyond Famous, and “Cover the Night” which takes place TONIGHT is the next installment in the fight for justice.

Cover the Night launched a week early, with an advocacy event in Dungu, Congo (where the LRA is still active) and Gulu, Uganda (where the atrocities began). The event – including music, a screening of KONY 2012, a soccer game and a peace march – brought cultural and political leaders from these affected regions together to declare united support for the efforts to end LRA violence.

As the sun goes down around the world tonight, Friday April 20, Stop Kony advocates in their thousands will hit the streets of their local communities to canvas as many empty spaces as possible with the message - “we will stop at nothing in order to stop Kony”. From posters, wall murals and reverse graffiti to park clean ups, soup kitchens and petitions - tonight, an international army of justice-fighters are on the loose!

Participants are being encouraged to document their work through Twitter with the hash tags #KONY2012 #streets #[yourcity] or email photos and videos to

Make sure you stay up to date on the action by tracking Cover the Night activity on the KONY 2012 website and Invisible Children Facebook and Twitter.