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Evidence For Climate Change & Oceans in Danger


NEW YORK –  It has been a subject of endless debate, but science now proves it undeniably: climate change and global warming are real and they are caused by human action (and inaction), with consequences that could be devastating to the whole population of the Earth. This is the key finding of the fifth assessment of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The report unequivocally points out that the temperature of the atmosphere and the oceans has gone up, the amount of snow and ice has gone down and that concentrations of green house gases have increased. Moreover, each of the last decades has been warmer than the one before.

According to the data and research analyzed by the IPCC, the signs are clear that the changes happening on our planet after the 1950s are unprecedented as compared to previous centuries and millennia. Especially the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is as clear a sign as any that the humans are causing the change. The consequences of a warming Earth have been notably visible in recent years in the amount of extreme weather patterns, including droughts in dry areas and massive rains and floods in more humid regions.
A harrowing new threat is also pointed out by the report: the oceans covering the Earth are taking a beating from the effects of the climate change. These water bodies are absorbing a major part of the increased heat and the carbon dioxide produced by man, which combined with agricultural run-offs creates a deadly trio of warming, de-oxygenation and acidification. This is gravely affecting the productivity and efficiency of the oceans and is a serious threat to all marine life.

How can the world then put a stop to this threat of climate change? Renewable energies by law, taxes on polluting industries, making consumers pay more for "dirty" products and services, using less energy? Live-Aid founder Sir Bob Geldof said, "There will be a mass extinction event. That could happen on your watch."

Cinema for Peace has worked actively to raise awareness on environmental issues such as climate change, especially through the yearly International Green Film Award. The Green Oscar was introduced in 2009 by Mikhail Gorbachev to Leonardo DiCaprio for his efforts in protecting the environment as well as for the film "11th Hour". DiCaprio stated in his speech, "Solving the environmental crisis is our turning point; it is our next Berlin wall."

We invite you to watch the following trailers on the topic of climate change, global warming and renewable energies:

  • BURNING IN THE SUN by Cambria Matlow and Morgan Robinson, winner of the Cinema for Peace International Green Film Award 2012, tells the story how solar energy can enable education, water and economic development.
  • WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR?  The documentary investigates the death and resurrection of the electric car.
  • SUN COME UP by Jennifer Redfearn follows the relocation of some of the world's first environmental refugees, the Carteret Islanders - a community living on a remote island chain in the South Pacific Ocean. When rising seas threaten their survival, the islanders face a painful decision: they must leave their beloved land in search of a new place to call home.
  • CARBON NATION by Peter Byck is a film about technological- and community-based energy solutions to the growing worldwide carbon footprint.
  • THE AGE OF STUPID by Franny Armstrong is a film set in the future, where an archivist looks at old footage from the year 2008 to understand why humankind failed to address climate change.
  • THE 11th HOUR by Leila Conners  and Leonardo DiCaprio is a look at the state of the global environment including visionary and practical solutions for restoring the planet's ecosystems. Leonardo DiCaprio won the first International Green Film award for his environmental efforts, including the 11th Hour.
  • THE ISLAND PRESIDENT by Jon Shenk recounts the story of President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives, who fights to keep his low-lying island nation from disappearing under the sea.
  • AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH by Davis Guggenheim is a documentary on Al Gore's campaign to make the issue of global warming a recognized problem worldwide.
  • SWITCH by Harry Lynch explores what it will really take to transition from oil and coal to the energies of tomorrow.