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President Obama in Korea

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

U.S. President Barak Obama travelled to Korea these days in order to stand in for a nuclear free world and help the peace and reconcilliation process in Korea.

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I.) Trailer of the Day: A Free Nuclear World

In 2009 U.S. President Barack Obama first official visit to Europe was first of all to discuss the world economic crisis at the G-20 Summit in London. But the highlight of his visit in England, France, Germany, Czech Republic and Turkey was his memorable speech against the nuclear threat in Prague. More than 30,000 Czechs and tourists crowded into Hradcany Square outside the medieval Prague Castle  in order to hear Obama speak about peace and security in the world. President Obama set out his vision for a world free of nuclear weapons, vowing to involve all states with nuclear weapons in the process of reducing their arsenals.

Yesterday, on March 26, U.S. President Barack Obama has pledged at the Nuclear Security Summit 2012 in South Korea to pursue further nuclear arms cuts with Russia, and warned Iran that the international community will not tolerate nuclear proliferation. During a meeting with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak on March 24, UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon urged North Korea to reconsider its plan to launch a long-range rocket as it threatens regional peace. The United States and South Korea fear Pyongyang wants to test long-range missiles that could eventually deliver nuclear war heads.

Cinema for Peace is supporting the fight against the Nuclear Threat. After the fatal incident in Fukushima Cinema for Peace started a campaign and put together a compendium of films, including “Countdown to Zero” and “Into Eternity” and has sent these to decision makers such as the Ethical Commission of Germany, which officially thanked Cinema for Peace for informing them about the dangers and providing evidence of the threat to all life on earth, before they decided that Germany, as the first western country, would stop the use of nuclear energy and nuclear plants, hopefully leading the way for all other countries that use and produce nuclear power and/or nuclear weapons.

Please watch the Trailer of the Day:

Into Eternity (2010) by Michael Madson: A documentary on the safety of nuclear storage.



Countdown to Zero (2010) by Lucy Walker: A documentary about the escalating nuclear arms race.


Yellow Cake (2010) by Joachim Tschirner: Documentary about Uranium mining, the first link in the chain of nuclear development, has managed again and again to keep itself out of the public eye.



The Battle of Chernobyl (2006) by Thomas Johnson: Documentary of the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl.



Atomic Alert (2009) by Thomas Johnson: A documentary that takes us on a journey to the heart of nuclear technology, its risk to the world and the way it’s managed.