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Return to Kosovo

During the last days and weeks Kosovo was in the news with reports of an increase of the political and military tension. Peace is under threat once again.

The fresh negotiations between Pristina and Belgrade, scheduled for September, will find two hardened sides with little will to compromise. The background to this conflict centers around who really is in control in the country - Pristina faces the problem that it doesn't have a grip on the north where not ethnic Albanians, but Serbs are the majority.

We would like to recommend you to watch “James Blunt: Return to Kosovo” by Steven Cantor. The film takes place in September 2006, when musician and former British Army Captain James Blunt returned to the United Nations protectorate of Kosovo to perform a concert for serving NATO troops, and to visit places and people he had encountered whilst serving in Kosovo in 1999. Blunt was reunited with the three interpreters with whom he had worked when his unit was first sent to Kosovo. Together, they had intended to seek out families with whom Blunt and others had interacted; instead, they found abandoned and destroyed homes where these families had once lived. The group also returned to a mass grave that Blunt's squadron had been instrumental in identifying.