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Russia supports killings in Syria

During the last week, the conflict in Syria threatened to spill over to neighboring Turkey and led to the exchange of fire  along the border between the two countries. Middle East experts fear that the violence might spread to larger parts of the region.

The latest episode unfolded on Thursday, when a Syrian passenger jet inbound to Damascus from Moscow was intercepted by Turkish air forces and forced to land in Turkey. According to Turkish officials, the plane was carrying "equipment and ammunition shipped to the Syrian defence ministry" from Russia that were seized at Ankara’s Esenboga Airport.

Russia denies accusations that the plane was carrying arms for the Syrian government from Moscow. However, it is well known that Russia does supply arms to Syria and has been doing so during the whole conflict. Moreover, Russia’s interest in the arms trade Syria puts it into a controversial position as it along with China uses its veto in the United Nations Security Council against any decision for international intervention to protect the Syrian people from its brutal regime.

Russia’s dubious choice to put its own interest ahead of the lives of civilians mirrors the country’s internal policies as well, which have for example led to the imprisonment and undercover executions of dissidents in the past few years. Overall, any attempt to supply more arms to a region already engulfed in violence can be seen as reckless.

Illicit international arms trade has been aptly portrayed in Andrew Niccol’s “LORD OF WAR”, which follows the sales of arms by a trafficker in third world countries. Yet, although in some cases weapons are sold by private persons, more often than not such trade has sovereign governments involved. “COVER UP: Behind the Iran Contra Affair” reveals the U.S. Government’s secret weapon sales to Iran. "A SHORT FILM ABOUT GUNS" examines the illegal arms trade and how it functions across the globe.

For more information on the Russian-Syrian arms trade, please read the following article in TIME magazine:


"Lord of War" by Andrew Niccol

"Cover Up - Behind the Iran-Contra Affair" by David Kasper and Barbara Trent


"A Short Film About Guns" by Minos Pappas