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Sean Penn´s work on Haiti

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Two years ago on this day, January 12th 2010, the tiny island nation of Haiti, a land already stricken with exorbitant poverty and widespread want of basic necessities, was struck by a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake. The earthquake and the after-shocks which continued for two weeks have displaced as many as 3,000,000 Haitians, who still remain in need of basic necessities such as food, sanitation, shelter, and healthcare.

The tragic situation in Haiti has since fallen out of the limelight, but the suffering still remains with the Haitian people today, and they need help to alleviate the widespread misery and poverty which were exacerbated by this terrible disaster.

In response to the tragedy, Academy Award winning American actor Sean Penn co-founded the J/P Haitian Relief Organization (J/P HRO) in an effort to raise awareness and money for the disaster-stricken people of Haiti. The J/P HRO has helped tremendously to improve the living conditions of the millions of internally displaced persons by providing them food, shelter, and medical care.

On the occasion of the two year anniversary of the disaster in Haiti, Cinema for Peace will host the benefit evening, “Help Haiti Home” honoring heroes and raising funds for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization in Los Angeles this Saturday with Sean Penn and friends such as Julia Roberts and George Clooney. Among others, further support is being given by President Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie.

Cinema for Peace hosted a similar benefit dinner in May of 2011 at the Cannes Film Festival, which raised 750,000 dollars for the Haitian relief efforts.

“Right now, there are 600,000 men, women, and children – babies – in tent camps, right now, facing a hurricane season. There is no pre-deployed water, no pre-deployed cholera medicine for when the rains come, no pre-deployed tarps... This prevention can only happen with you.” - Sean Penn at the 2011 Cinema for Peace Dinner at the Cannes Film Festival



Sean Penn at the Cinema for Peace Gala 2011 – Acceptance Speech for the Honorary Award

Sean Penn at the Cinema for Peace Benefit Dinner at the Cannes Film Festival in May, 2011