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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The 2012 Cinema for Peace Gala honored the most valuable films of the year. The selected films feature issues ranging from genocide in Bosnia to wrongful imprisonment in America, from a murdered Russian lawyer to sustainable solar energy projects in Mali, and from the life of Aung San Suu Kyi to the conviction of a former Guatemalan dictator thanks to the evidence provided by documentary filmmakers.

Burning in the Sun tells the story of Daniel Dembele, a young entrepreneur who sets out, with the help of philanthropic academic/international innovator Dr. Richard Komp, to build and install the first solar panels in Western Africa in the sun-drenched nation of Mali, where 99% of the rural population lives without power.

In Banko, the first rural community in which Daniel and Dr. Komp install the solar panels, the typical rate of passing on the State Exam amongst the children of the village was 20%; after the introduction of light into the community, the number went up to 97%. The implications of the project undertaken in this documentary are revolutionary, as it shows how micro-projects and green energy can be combined to help impoverished people undertake their own development.

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The International Green Film Award 2012:

for showing how to end extreme poverty with solar energy