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The North Korean Threat

PYONGYANG – In recent days the Korean Peninsula has seen tensions rising as North Korea has aimed threats of military action at the US and South Korea. Last week North Korea said that it had targeted its long-range missiles at the US. Many experts say, however, that there is more rhetoric than real action behind these provocations. Yet, the US did shift its military presence towards the Korean peninsula and flew in stealth bombers.
North Korea is a military dictatorship ruled by Kim Jong-Un, son of the late Kim Jong-Il. The country is notorious for massive state propaganda, harsh labor camps as well as food shortages and famine. The press is only allowed to report on and photograph issues allowed by the North Korean authorities.
Although some analysts do not see the North Korean threats as nothing but rhetoric, the South Korean president Park Geun Hye announced that if North Korea continues its provocations, there will be massive retaliation. These comments make her attitude more blunt than that of her predecessor, who refused to respond to a North Korean artillery barrage on a South Korean island in 2010.
We invite you to watch the following films on the topic of North Korea and its relationship to South Korea:
  • AS ONE by Moon Hyun-Sung is a 2012 South Korean cinematic retelling of the first ever post-war Unified Korea sports team which won gold at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships in Chiba, Japan.
  • CAMP14 by Marc Wiese tells the story of Shin Dong-Huyk, a political prisoner in a North Korean re-education camp. He was forced to labor since the age of six and completely separated from the outside world until he managed to escape at the age of 23.
  • KIMJONGILIA by N.C. Heikin exposes the propaganda system of North Korea. It was nominated for the Cinema for Peace Award for the Most Valuable Documentary of the Year in 2010.
  • THE RED CHAPEL by Mads Brügger recounts how two Danish comedians join the director on a trip to North Korea, where they have been allowed access under the pretext of wanting to perform a vaudeville act.
  • JOINT SECURITY AREA by Chan-Wook Park is a 2000 South Korean mystery thriller film that concerns an investigation into the circumstances surrounding a fatal shooting incident within the DMZ, the heavily fortified border that separates North and South Korea.



As One