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The US Presidential Election Presents A Dilemma for Voters

It’s an American tragedy that in the wealthiest country in the world the number of people living on food stamps was previously 32 million; and after Barack Obama’s first term the figure has shot up to 47 million citizens! The national debt has doubled instead of halved. The enthusiasm for change that characterized President Obama’s first campaign is gone. After the tame first presidential debate comedian Bill Maher, who was the host of the Cinema for Peace Gala Los Angeles in 2012, joked whether Obama had used the 1 million US dollars he had donated to his campaign simply on buying "weed".

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, whose very own fund companies have contributed to outsourcing American jobs to China, wants to turn the tide by stopping job outsourcing and playing hard on China. He also wants to end Obamacare, which finally covers most of the population with healthcare, and aims to spend 2 trillion dollars more on the military.

Obama is still the candidate of choice for all who believe in human rights, sustainable development and protecting the environment. But many are disappointed with the fact that he did not manage to close down the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, that most Americans can’t afford to achieve legal justice and that there are still more than two million people incarcerated in prisons around the country. Moreover, Obama made no game-changing initiative to reduce the country’s dependence on oil nor did he stop the big oil companies from polluting the wildlife and the oceans.

Many of Romney’s supporters hope that he would improve the country’s education system in the same way as he did in Massachusetts, which became the US number one in education. He is also hoped to kickstart the economy again with the creation of millions of new jobs. Unfortunately nobody knows how he would finance the 7 trillion dollar budget increase needed annually for the tax cuts and military spending.

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"Wag the Dog" by Barry Levinson

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