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Trailer of the Day of Famine in Somalia

The Horn of Africa’s devastating famine, months in the making, is finally making headlines. Today, the news agency Reuters announced

“The United Nations airlifted emergency food for starving children into the Somali capital Mogadishu on Wednesday as aid groups warned of a growing influx of hungry families from the famine-hit south of the country. Some 3.7 million Somalis — almost half of the population — are going hungry with drought hitting some 11.6 million people across what local media have dubbed a "triangle of death" straddling Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.”

But why is it that in the year 2011 some people still die because of hunger, while others waste tons of food each and every day? Please watch our “Trailer of the Day” from the movie WE FEED THE WORLD. Close to one billion people are starving worldwide. But the food we are currently producing could feed 12 billion people. WE FEED THE WORLD is an eye-opening documentary about scarcity and plenty which traces the origins of the food we eat, taking us to France, Spain, Romania, Switzerland, Brazil and Austria. Those interviewed are not only the UNs Jean Ziegler and corporate executives of the world’s largest food companies, but also struggling fishermen, farmers and livestock growers, the very people who put food on our plates. WE FEED THE WORLD lays bare a globalized food industry in which the constant pursuit of profit takes precedence over preserving livelihoods or sustaining natural resources.