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UN Peacekeepers To Mali

UNITED NATIONS / NEW YORK – The UN Security Council has unanimously approved sending a 13 000-man-strong peacekeeping force to Mali, with the planned deployment date set to July 1st. The purpose of the peacekeepers is to help maintain security in the country that has a weakened national army which in 2012 lost control of large parts of the country to Islamist militants. The rebel groups took over many cities and imposed a strict Sharia Law, which threatened to destroy the rich cultural heritage and civic rights in Mali.
In January 2013, French troops were deployed to push back the hard-line Islamic militants that are thought to be related to Al-Qaida. The rebels had taken over the whole of Northern Mali by April 2012, but the Malian army with the help of its international partners has now reoccupied most of the land. However, the rebels still hold some northern towns, and it has been feared that the conflict might turn into prolonged guerrilla warfare that could spill over to neighboring countries.

The UN Security Council will still have a final vote about the deployment of the troops in 60 days, when the security situation will be re-assessed. Nevertheless, the peacekeeping force is expected to be in place to secure the national elections due to take place on July 31st. The elections seek to restore the democracy that has been in place in Mali since 1992.

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