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World Environment Day

Yesterday was the World Environment Day, the Green World Summit "Rio+20" is approaching this month in Rio de Janeiro and there is still some hope that change is possible, even though the time is running out. In this line of thought, the Cinema for Peace Foundation is presenting screenings of “The 11th Hour” by Leonardo DiCaprio, the winner of the Green Film Award presented by Mikhail Gorbachev at the Cinema for Peace Gala 2009. Prof. Dr. Jürgen P. Kropp mentioned in the Q&A after the first screening, that if we go on living like we do today, the consequences will be catastrophic. The average global temperatures can rise over 2 degrees Celsius (which means 4-5 degrees in Europe), causing the sea levels to rise and destroy many coasts and islands such as the Maldives, an increase in natural catastrophes and the melting of permafrost, releasing in a further catastrophe huge amounts of critical gases into the atmosphere and contributing thus to the further and even worse Global Warming in our planet. It is a scientific question if this process can still be stopped at all; it definitely can't be reversed anymore.

Our Green Oscar winner 2012 "Burning in the Sun" shows the potential of solar panels, "The Island President" illustrates how the Maldives fight for survival and, finally, "The Age of Stupid" describes what the future generations will think of us and the decisions we are making just now.

The World Environment Day and the “Rio +20” Summit are great opportunities to rethink the way we live on our planet and what we can do to better take care of it. We might still have a chance.




"The 11th Hour", by Leonardo DiCaprio - trailer



"Burning in the Sun", by Cambria Matlow and Morgan Robinson - trailer



"The Island President", by Jon Shenk - trailer



"The Age of Stupid", by Franny Armstrong - trailer