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XIX International AIDS Conference

The XIX International AIDS Conference is currently taking place in Washington with thousands of the world's top AIDS researchers, community leaders and other stakeholders. The AIDS 2012 programme presents new scientific knowledge and breakthroughs as well as offers many opportunities for dialogue on the main issues facing the global response to HIV.

The Cinema for Peace Foundation supports the fight against AIDS and is is hoping to raise awareness and reduce the stigma on the disease throughout Africa by promoting Stefanie Sycholt's movie "THEMBA – A Boy Called Hope". Since 2010, the Cinema for Peace Foundation has been screening "THEMBA" in South Africa and Zambia in order to educate young and old people alike.

Cinema for Peace also organized a special screening of the film for children in Cape Town during the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, presented by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The audience that consisted of children of the township Masiphumele, where some of the film was shot, watched the film for the first time in a truly electrifying atmosphere.

The Cinema for Peace Foundation is currently planning with its established South African partners a new “THEMBA” screening tour in the rural areas around South Africa. The film tour would follow the lines of previous ones that took place in 2010 and 2011 but with the goal of reaching new audiences. We are also working on finding new partners for new tours and repeated educational screenings in several other African countries such as Swaziland, Uganda, Mali and Nigeria. As of July 2012, already at least 30 new partners have responded with great interest and different kinds of partnerships ranging from tour organizing to screenings at after-school programs have been forged.




"THEMBA - A Boy Called Hope", by Stefanie Sycholt - Trailer



"Shuga", by the MTV Staying Alive Campaign: Winner of the Cinema for Peace Award for Fighting AIDS, 2011 - Trailer