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Cinema for Peace Berlin
Cinema for Peace
Cinema for Peace
Lighting of the World Peace Flame
Cinema for Peace
Special Award for Opposing Anti-Semitism
Ai Weiwei Konzerthaus installation
Ai Weiwei Konzerthaus installation
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About Us

Cinema for Peace is an international non-profit organization with the goal to encourage greater awareness of global social, political and humanitarian challenges of our time, and to find solutions. Since after 9/11, 2001 the non-profit organization Cinema for Peace has been aiming to influence through films the perception and resolution of global social, political and humanitarian challenges of our time. We are convinced that film plays a significant role in highlighting inequality, injustice and inhumanity, as well as offers hope and a vision for a better future. Cinema for Peace aims to bring these humanitarian issues to public attention by partnering with the international human rights community as well as influential people in media, politics, business and society, to showcase cinematic works which emphasize the human condition and values. In recent years, Cinema for Peace has supported a number of important causes with the help of artists like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and personalities such as the Dalai Lama, Muhammad Ali, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev and the former Honorary Patron Nelson Mandela.

Our team



Manon Girault

Monthly Screenings and Human Resources


Manon just obtained her BA degree in film studies from King’s College, London. Since joining Cinema for Peace Foundation she works closely with London-based foundations and organisations to arrange screenings that deal with contemporary world issues. Having insight and interest in today’s on-going border crises, she works with various institutions located nearby defensive walls in Belfast, Cyprus and Israel/Palestine in raising awareness about the nature of borders by hosting ‘wall screenings’ in local venues. She also takes care of the foundation’s book release, set to be printed out and distributed to the public by the end of this year.



Vladimir Cvetkovic

Genocide Library Project 


Vladimir is an academic and human rights activist. He holds a MA in theology from Durham University and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Belgrade. Since he joined the Cinema for Peace Foundation as volunteer he works on the projects that focus on the region of ex-Yugoslavia, such as Genocide Film Library, a project that aims to bring together audiovisual testimonies of 10,000 survivors of the Srebrenica genocide in a freely accessible online library. Meanwhile, he organizes the collaboration between Cinema for Peace Foundation and renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei for an art installation at the International Criminal Tribunal for ex-Yugoslavia, which highlights the plight of victims.



Vanessa Souli

Auction Management and Funding 


Vanessa is a young professional in Arts Project Management and Arts Writing. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the Aristotle University and an MA in Arts Management from Maastricht University with a specialization in Curatorship. Because of her interest in the art market and the art world, Vanessa is the responsible for auction management and art communication at Cinema for Peace Foundation. Meanwhile, she is handling the online marketing of the CFPF and its social media. Finally, she is arranging the CFP Monthly Screenings Berlin in various creative spaces and alternative cinemas of the city with an aim to expand the outreach of the CFP message.



Ayotunde Akinsoyinu

Region Screenings and Fundraising


Ayotunde is currently enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences Fulda where she studies Intercultural Communications and European Studies (MA). She had previously obtained a BA in European Studies and a Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Currently, she takes care of Screenings of the “Themba - A boy called Hope“ movie which is a message of hope targeted to fight omnipresent HIV/AIDS diseases in Africa. She is also in charge of Cyprus Screenings aimed at increasing awareness in the area of girl education. Lastly, she is also in charge of Screenings for Refugees. Ayotunde is highly motivated and hopes to make further research in the area of Negotiation and Mediation as from next year so as to be able to proffer possible solutions to the ever present problem of the Boko-Haram in Nigeria.



Irene Ilham Bentgarmicha

War Screenings and Film Festival Research


Irene is a young Cultural Project Manager. She holds a Master's Degree in Humanitarian and Cultural Project Management from the University of Aix-Marseille. Since joining the Cinema for Peace Foundation team as a volunteer, she has been managing the organisation of screenings in various war zones. This project’s main purpose is to inform viewers on today’s current wars going on in the selected zones as well as to bring in external perspectives that question how to find peace. She also overviews international film festival programs, collects important data on new films that serve as potential, future screening material.



Julia Ernesti

School Screenings and Gala 2018


Julia successfully completed her course of studies at Max-Planck-Gymnasium in Berlin in July 2017. She previously lived for a year in India and worked as a professional portrait photographer. Since she joined the Cinema for Peace Foundation, she is working on the development of the School Film Catalogue with topics regarding peace and human rights issues, that are screened at high schools in Germany. The school screenings include panel discussions of directors and human rights experts with students. She is also currently working on the preparation of the Gala 2018, by selecting and inviting the jury members.



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