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Cinema for Peace and Artists Demand an End to the Conflict in Syria

On the occasion of the 66th Cannes Film Festival, Cinema for Peace Foundation organized in cooperation with VICE Magazine a special emergency screening of the short film GROUND ZERO: SYRIA by documentary filmmaker Robert King. The screening that took place at Canvas @ L‘Annex on La Croisette highlighted the continued suffering of civilians in Syria and with the support of artists called for the end to the killings of innocent men, women and children.

Cannes, May 22nd, 2013 –The Syrian conflict is entering its third year. In this time, over 80,000 Syrians have been killed, as well as over 28,000 have gone missing. 1.2 million Syrians are displaced within their country and over 1.5 million Syrians are now refugees in neighboring countries. Syrian filmmakers and international filmmakers, such as Robert King, have documented an unprecedented tragedy and risked their lives in doing so.

In Robert King’s short film series, GROUND ZERO: SYRIA, we see the blatant targeting of children hospitals by the al-Assad regime, among a number of other serious human rights violations and war crimes. World leaders have united in condemning the massacre of the Syrian people, envisioning a peaceful future for the Syrian people. The film community must join them to act now in preventing further destruction and death. See the film by clicking here.

Forest Whitaker, actor and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Peace and Reconciliation, writes in a letter to Cinema for Peace, ”Syria deserves our undivided attention as communities and children there are constantly facing conflicts, violence and death. No one should tolerate the loss of children and civilians in armed conflicts.“

President Barack Obama supports this urgency by stating, ”We have seen evidence of the use of chemical weapons inside Syria […] Those chemical weapons inside of Syria also threaten our security over the long term as well as [that of ] our allies and friends and neighbors.“ British Prime Minister David Cameron echoes Obama’s sentiments, and reinforces the need for immediate action, stating “Syria’s history is being written in the blood of its citizens and it’s happening on our watch.”

Cinema for Peace Foundation has provided a number of prominent film actors with a copy of the film GROUND ZERO: SYRIA. Actor James Franco has expressed his support for the film.

International and Syrian artists demand:

  • Emergency humanitarian aid for the Syrian people and a humanitarian corridor
  • Introduction of a no-fly zone, bringing to an end the most advantageous weaponry the al-Assad regime has utilized against the Syrian people.
  • The referral of Bashar al-Assad to the International Criminal Court.


  • In efforts for an immediate halt to the killing of children and innocent civilians, and for Syria’s transition into a democratic government, United Nations Peacekeeping Forces must be used for stability.
  • China and Russia must endorse and advocate United Nations declarations and standards, by joining the international community’s efforts in ending the conflict.  Firstly, by supporting instead of blocking votes in the Security Council and secondly, by halting arms trade to Syria.


Robert King is a photographer and videographer from Tennessee. He has documented almost every major conflict since the Bosnian War in the early 90’s. He has covered conflicts in Chechnya, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mexico, and Haiti. He spent much of 2012 documenting the prolonged and bloody civil war in Syria. He primarily covered the urban conflict between the Free Syrian Army and Assad‘s military, the bombing of civilian hospitals, and the massive loss of life among Syrian children.

Robert King joins us in Cannes in this one time, humanitarian call, for an emergency screening of the humanitarian crisis in Syria to present a special message.

Upcoming Screenings:


August 13th 2018, at the Schikaneder Kino in Vienna / Address: Margaretenstraße 24, A - 1040 Wien