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Cinema for Peace
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Cinema for Peace
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Ai Weiwei Konzerthaus installation
Ai Weiwei Konzerthaus installation
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Cinema for Peace Wall Screening in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

The Cinema for Peace Foundation in cooperation with the Colectivo Vagón is going to present "La Jaula de Oro/The Golden Dream", a film about child migration from Guatemala to the USA.

The event is about to take place on the 20th of June (World Refugee Day) at the Oratory Don Bosco in the outskirts of Ciudad Juárez, a border town to the USA and one of the most violent cities in Mexico. The Screening will be followed by a panel discussion with Blanca Navarrete García, director of the local human rights organization “Derechos Humanos Integrales en Acción, A.C.” and Executive Coordinator of the Northern Border Initiative Mexico and José Luis Flores, Executive Secretary of the Network for Children Rights. The discussion will be regarding the American-Mexican border, migration and human rights violations in this context.

Watch the Trailer here.

This event is part of a worldwide series of film screenings, workshops and discussions, with the aim to raise awareness of borders and walls. The project will take place at different significant borders in order to raise awareness of real and imaginary boundaries, which separate people from each other. Through the connection of international human rights organizations, activists, festivals and institutions we expect good discussions and an increasing media attention. The aim should be to contribute to the exchange and reconciliation of different cultural, religious, ethnical, ideological and political groups.

Ciudad Juárez is located right on the border between Mexico and the US, which are separated by a huge fence. While on the Mexican side the war against drug cartels is causing murders, tortures and kidnappings every day, people on the other side of the fence are living a luxurious life with big shopping malls, entertainment venues and naturally taking for granted to live in a safe environment. That is why so many Mexicans and Central Americans risk their lives to cross the border. The Life at the border perfectly illustrates the segregation of the two countries to its most extreme form. The people on one side benefit from the poverty on the other side and thus encourage this situation to continue. At the same time the fence is becoming much more difficult for immigrants to cross while they try even more risky and dangerous ways to get to the "promised land".

Ai Weiwei for Cinema for Peace

Ai Weiwei's 'Safe Passage' installation with life-vests from Lesbos for Cinema for Peace.


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