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A Message From Pandora

2nd Prize Green Film Award Winner 2011


Director: James Cameron

Release: 2010

Country: USA

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 20'

Trailer: Cinema for Peace Green Film Archive


James Cameron’s short documentary A MESSAGE FROM PANDORA, casts a timely spotlight on an epic battle to stop the massive Belo Monte Dam in the heart of Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. The twenty-minute short, a real-life AVATAR story, was released as a special feature on the AVATAR Extended Collector’s Edition DVD at a critical moment when the Brazilian government is on the verge of deciding whether construction can begin on the world’s 3rd largest hydroelectric dam project.

James Cameron and cast members of AVATAR including Sigourney Weaver and Joel David Moore travelled to the Xingu River, a tributary of the Amazon, in March and April accompanied by Amazon Watch. They visited indigenous and riverbank communities who would be affected by the Dam. Moved by the parallels between AVATAR and the frontline battles taking place in the Amazon, Cameron made a commitment to help.