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Cinema for Peace Berlin
Cinema for Peace
Cinema for Peace
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Cinema for Peace
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Ai Weiwei Konzerthaus installation
Ai Weiwei Konzerthaus installation
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International Human Rights Film Festival on North Korea

The Cinema for Peace Foundation together with Saram and NKnet proudly present the International Human Rights Film Festival on North Korea from the 20th of November till the 25th of November 2015 at the City Kino Wedding, in Berlin.
Over the past years many horrible stories about life in North Korea have crept into the media, which are incredibly intriguing and tell of a cruel, oppressive dictatorship. However, these articles still cannot uncover what the secret lives and  daily routines of North Koreans look like, as it is nearly impossible to find out.

North Korea is one of the most reclusive countries on Earth, locking up their own people inside the country and blocking out the outside world. People are suffering under an oppressive regime and struggling under very difficult living conditions, however with so few occasions where you can actually meet North Koreans, their stories are untold.

During the festival we will show feature films alongside short films and documentaries about life in this hidden country that depict the experiences of those who have escaped the inhumane regime and started their new beginning in an unfamiliar world. Most films are of Korean production, and accompany people who departed from North Korea to South Korea or China, who tell of their former lives and their experience during the escape. Some of the escapees will even be on location at the NHIFF and answer your questions on the podium.


The following Guests will be at the festival:
  • Ahn Myong Chol, former prison guard in North Korea
  • Kim Young Hwan, South Korean activist, who tried to build an underground democracy network in North Korea
  • Jihyun Park, Survivor of a North Korean detention camp and Representative of the European Alliance of Human Rights in North Korea
  • Eun Kyoung Kwon, South Korean activist, who started a radio to bring information in the north

Where: City Kino Wedding (Müllerstraße 74, 13349 Berlin)
When: from the 20th of November till the 25th of November
Tickets are for free

We are happy to welcome you at the festival! Please reserve your free ticket(s) here.



Friday, 20th of November (opening event)

  • 6:30 pm opening reception and greetings
  • 8:00 pm introducing our experts: Kim Young Hwan and Ahn Myong Chol
  • 9:00 pm ‘[ohne Titel]’ (short) and ‘Crossing’
Saturday, 21st of November
  • 4:00 pm ‘Border River’ (short) and ‘Kimjongilia’
  • 6:00 pm ‘North Korean defectors reporting’ with Eun Kyoung Kwon and Nicolai Sprekels
  • 7:00 pm ‘Changes in the North - current situation and future perspectives’ with Kim Young Hwan
  • 8:00 pm ‘48m’ and subsequent panel discussion
Sunday, 22nd of November
  • 4:00 pm ‘Purple Man’ (short) and ‘Yodok Stories’
  • 6:00 pm ‘Escape from North Korea’ (Presentation)
  • 7:00 pm ‘Life in Prison Camps’ with Jihyun Park
  • 8:00 pm ‘J.S.A. Joint Security Area’ and subsequent panel discussion
Monday, 23rd of November
  • 7:00 pm ‘Why is North Korea “working”?’ with Kim Young Hwan and Ahn Myong Chol
  • 8:00 pm ‘Deface’ (short) and ‘Our Family’ and subsequent panel discussion
Tuesday, 24th of November
  • 7:00 pm Expert interview with Jihyun Park
  • 8:00 pm ‘ The other Interview’ (short) and ‘The Defectors’ and subsequent panel discussion (presented by Amnesty international)
Wednesday, 25th of November
  • 7:00 pm Korean Shorts
  • 9:00 pm concluding discussion with Eun Kyoung Kwon, Jihyun Park, Ahn Myong Chol and Kim Young Hwan




By Kim Tae-kyun (2008, 106 min.)
A North Korean father and huband illegally crosses into China to buy medicine for his sick wife, leaving behind his young son who, after the death of his mother, also tries to leave the country.  Based on a true story, the film introduces the viewer to the inexplicable horrors North Koreans have to endure.

By N.C. Heikin (2009, 76 min)
This documentary’s titel refers to a flower named after North Korea’s second dictator Kim Jong Il. The film examines North Korea through interviews with defectors.

By Back-du Min (2013, 97 min.)
People crossing the border at the Yalu River which separates North Korea and China by 48 meters, risking their lives: two sisters witness their parents getting killed here. A soldier has a guilty conscience about the fact he had to shoot everyone he saw at the border. Parents who have to keep their starving child alive.

By Andrzej Fidyk (2008, 83 min)
Today, an estimated number of 200,000 men, women and children face torture, starvation and murder in North Korea's concentration camps. A small group of people have managed to flee and start a new life in South Korea. The film follows some of these refugees who despite fear of persecution and death threats produce an extraordinary musical about their experiences in the Yodok concentration camp.

J.S.A. Joint Security Area
By Park Chan-Wook (2000, 110 min.)
Three North Koreans and one South Korean are killed in a shooting on a border bridge. An independent organisation is commissioned to shed light upon the incident.

Our Familiy
By Kim Do-hyun-I (2013, 85 min.)
A documentary about the daily life of North Korean refugee boys who are taken care of by a South Korean man.

By Ann Shin (2012, 71 min.)
Dragon is a human smuggler who leads North Korean defectors across borders for a living. His latest trip takes an unexpected turn when stranded with refugees in China, putting the dramatic escape plan into question. Filmed undercover by a Korean-Canadian filmmaker.
Ai Weiwei for Cinema for Peace

Ai Weiwei's 'Safe Passage' installation with life-vests from Lesbos for Cinema for Peace.


Upcoming Screenings:


August 13th 2018, at the Schikaneder Kino in Vienna / Address: Margaretenstraße 24, A - 1040 Wien