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Ai Weiwei Konzerthaus installation
Ai Weiwei Konzerthaus installation
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Trailer of the Week: Sudans president Bashir escapes arrest

South Africa - Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir fled from the summit of the African Union on the afternoon of June 15th after a Pretoria judge, Ban Ki-moon, the EU and the USA asked South Africa to arrest him on behalf of the International Criminal Court.


Al-Bashir is accused of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Darfur, which erupted into conflict in 2003 with more than 300,000 people being killed and about 2.5 million being forced to flee their homes, according to the UN. In the documentary 'The Devil Came On Horseback' Brian Steidle documents the atrocities of the genocide in Darfur. The killings had gone unnoticed until Steidle filmed and photographed them by chance. His photos were published by the New York Times. Not the UN or foreign affairs offices but a private individual created a public outrage through media and film.

Various African countries try to blackmail the ICC with their potential resignation. al-Bashir was confident enough to travel to the AU summit because he did not fear the enforcement of the ICC's warrant. The international community has to make sure that war criminals do not have this confidence anymore and a wanted person is arrested. Cooperation and trade should be connected to the rule of law.

When Cinema for Peace founder Jaka Bizilj served Luis Moreno Ocampo as an advisor to the UN Security Council in New York in a hearing on Sudan, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court was asked in a press conference afterwards how efficient it was to prosecute war criminals like Bashir if nobody arrests them. Ocampo pointed out that the Court for Yugoslavian war crimes put 161 people on trial and asked the journalist how many of these he believed have been arrested? The journalist guessed, half of them. Ocampo: "All of them got arrested. No one escaped. It took eighteen years. The last one Ratko Mladic was arrested a few months ago. But in the end we got him. So also Bashir will be arrested one day."



In cooperation with the Humanitarian Foundation H.O.P.E. and local partners, Cinema for Peace Foundation supported the project "Safe-Keeping Darfur". The aim of the project was to provide humanitarian workers with digital mini-cameras that they distributed to local people so they could record events and provide protection, evidence and transmissions for the real-time delivery of information to the world about atrocities and emergencies in Darfur. More than 200 mini-cameras as well as 12 laptop computers and additional satellite internet equipment have been provided to local humanitarian workers. Cinema for Peace honoree George Clooney created in a further step and on a much bigger scale a satellite project with the same goals.

Ai Weiwei for Cinema for Peace

Ai Weiwei's 'Safe Passage' installation with life-vests from Lesbos for Cinema for Peace.


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