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Film Selection: Burma

Since 1962 Burma has been ruled by a military junta which suppresses all dissent. They stifle the voices and activities of human rights defenders, independent journalists, members of the Buddhist clergy, humanitarian activists and of numerous artists. Many are now imprisoned or banned from working simply for their opposition to the government, for peacefully demonstrating or for engaging in humanitarian activities.

With the following film selection the Cinema for Peace Foundation campaigns for freedom of expression and human rights in Burma.


the_lady_poster.jpgThe Lady

Director: Luc Besson

Year: 2011

Country: France, UK

Length: 132 min

At the Cinema for Peace Gala 2012 Aung San Suu Kyi and Luc Besson's film "The Lady" received the International Human Rights Film Award. Cinema for Peace and Universum Film hosted the German premiere in Berlin that was followed by a Q&A with director Luc Besson and Michelle Yeoh.

It is an epic love story about how an extraordinary couple and family sacrifice their happiness at great human cost for a higher cause. This is the story of Aung San Suu Kyi and her husband, Michael Aris. Despite distance, long separations, and a dangerously hostile regime, their love endures until the very end. A story of devotion and human understanding set against a background of political turmoil which continues today. The Lady also is the story of the peaceful quest of the woman who is at the core of Burma's democracy movement.

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freedomtolead23.jpgLady of No Fear

Director: Anne Gyrithe Bonne

Year: 2010

Country: Denmark

Length: 64 min

In 2011 Aung San Suu Kyi and the film "Lady of No Fear" were nominated for the International Human Rights Film Award.

Lady of No Fear offers a strong and fascinating glimpse into Aung San Suu Kyis life and portrays some of the consequences her  freedom struggle has had, not only for her, but also for her closest friends and family indeed.

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ThisPrison.jpegThis Prison Where I Live

Director: Rex Bloomstein

Year: 2010

Country: UK, Germany

Length: 90 min

In 2010 Cinema for Peace co-produced "This Prison Where I Live" together with director Rex Bloomstein and the comedian Michael Mittermeier as producer.

In his third feature length documentary we follow director Rex Bloomstein and world renound comedian, Michael Mittermeier, as they risk arrest, imprisonment, torture and worse by entering the media-closed country of Myanmar seeking answers to how and why the country's premiere film star, comedian and 'voice of the people', Zarganar, was imprisoned for 59 years for telling satirical jokes about the military government.

As Bloomstein and Mittermeier get closer to Zarganar and begin to unveil the truth surrounding his fate they also begin to draw the suspicions of the country's secret police and a desperate struggle to complete their film and escape with the outlawed footage begins.

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BurmaVJ.jpgBurma VJ

Director: Anders Ostergaard

Year: 2008

Country: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Israel, Spain, Belgium, Canada

Length: 84 min

In 2009 Cinema for Peace honoured the Democratic Voice of Burma (CVB) and the film Burma VJ with the International Human Rights Film Award.

Using smuggled footage, this documentary tells the story of the 2007 protests in Burma by thousands of monks.

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