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This Prison Where I Live

ThisPrisonWhereILive_klein.jpgDirector: Rex Bloomstein

Year: 2010

Country: UK, Germany

Time: '90

Language: English, German, Burmese


This Prison Where I Live is a feature length documentary about two comedians.

Maung Thura, better known as Zarganar, is Burma's greatest living comic. Relentlessly victimised by the Burmese military junta, he is now in prison. Michael Mittermeier, in stark contrast, is free to practise his art of humour and provocation as one of Germany's leading stand up comedians.

In 2007, Zarganar was interviewed by the British documentary filmmaker, Rex Bloomstein, despite being banned from all forms of artistic activity and talking to foreign media.

This footage remained unseen. Two years later, hearing that Zarganar had been sentenced to 35 years in jail, Bloomstein teamed up with Michael Mittermeier and together they travelled secretly to Burma to make a film about this courageous man, who describes himself as the "loudspeaker" for the Burmese people, and to investigate humour under dictatorship.

"I hope that with the help of this movie, the world will get to know the name of this man," says Mittermeier.

Trailer: This Prison Where I Live

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