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Themba - A Boy Called Hope

Director: Stefanie Sycholt

Year: 2010

Country: Germany

Length: 108 min

THEMBA is an inspiring and beautifully filmed original drama set predominantly in the spectacular Eastern Cape of South Africa.

It is a moving story of a young Xhosa boy, who like so many boys the world over, dreams of following in the footsteps of his heroes and becoming a football star.

Themba breathes and lives soccer but the reality in the rural round-hut village he calls home is very different from the life he dreams of. THEMBA’s community is ravaged by unemployment, poverty and HIV. He has to pursue his dreams by calling on his own endurance, courage and self-belief.

On his road to self-discovery he finds out how pain, shame and prejudice can be temporary. THEMBA escapes a life of hardship and desperation to achieve footballing success at the highest level but his triumph is also a personal one, as he learns that illness can be managed and a normal life lived. Themba is much more than a soccer film, it’s a universal message of hope.

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