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Bé Omid é Didar

Director: Mohammad Rasoulof

Year: 2011

Country: Iran

Length: 100 min

Language: Persian


A young female lawyer barred from practicing decides to leave Iran no matter what the cost. The brave but challenging pic offers a quietly devastating critique of contempo Iran that many will read as a personal response to Rasoulof's recent legal troubles with the government. While unlikely to screen on home turf under the current regime, fest and niche arthouse play can be expected in most other territories.

Unable to work at her profession for reasons left unspecified, Noora (Leyla Zareh, terrific) spends her days making the rounds of various government and medical bureaucracies, her desire for quick action and decisive information continually frustrated, often because she is a woman alone. At night she's so exhausted that she can barely manage to complete the piecework she has taken on in order to earn some money.

Gradually, it becomes clear that her journalist husband has fled some imminent crackdown by the state. Noora, meanwhile, has secretly contracted with a black market agency to obtain visas so they might leave the country. Having followed the agency's advice to become pregnant, she now faces further agonizing decisions when blood tests reveal she is carrying a Down syndrome child.


Bé Omid é Didar