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The House Under the Water (Khaneye zire âb)

Director: Ali Samadi Ahadi

Producers: Javad Djavahery, Karl Baumgartner, Peter van Vogelpoel, Alireza Shojanour

Year: 2010

Country: France, Iran, Germany, Netherlands, Morroco

Length: 92 min

Language: Persian


Thirty years ago, Morteza and his best friend Taher were involved in a tragic accident, in which Taher's younger brother drowned. Fast-forward three decades and we meet Morteza again, freshly-released from prison and looking to rebuild his life. But soon the past catches up with him when he is suspected of the death of another drowned child. The police officer investigating the case turns out to be none other than Taher. Taher initially believes Morteza to be guilty but as the common, private bond between the two men comes to the fore, he becomes increasingly convinced of his old friend's innocence - and sets out to prove it. But does the long shadow of the pair's past obscure the truth or is Morteza really guilty of murder?

The House Under the Water