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William Browder Receives International Justice Award at Cinema for Peace Ceremony in Berlin

14 February 2012 – William Browder, CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, who has been running a justice campaign since the wrongful arrest and detention in Russian police custody of his Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky three years ago, and is relentlessly campaigning for visa and economic sanctions on Russan officials responsible for Magnitsky’s horrific murder, was awarded the top international Justice Award by Cinema for Peace at an awards ceremony held in Berlin last night.

Mr Browder was honoured for “initiating the Global Justice Campaign for Sergei Magnitsky.”

Cinema for Peace also awarded ‘Justice for Sergei’, a 52-minute documentary film about the life and death of Sergei Magnitsky, produced by independent Dutch filmmakers Hans Hermans and Martin Maat. The documentary has been shown in many parliaments around the world as part of the international campaign for sanctions on Russian officials who arrested and murdered Sergei Magnitsky in custody, to silence him and conceal his testimonies of their corruption.

After receiving the Justice Award, film director Martin Maat said:   "We feel extremely honored by the jury's decission and like to dedicate this Justice Award to Sergei Magnitksy and his family. Sergei was a man who believed so strongly in justice, he was willing to sacrice his life for it."

Accepting the Justice Award, Mr Browder said:   “One of the things that I've found in the campaign for justice is that movies have the most powerful impact on people's ability to understand the viciousness of injustice and can make a huge political impact.”   “In the United States there is now a law called the Sergei Magnitsky Act working its way through the Congress. This legislation will freeze the assets and cancel of visas of all Russian officials who were involved the death of Sergei Magnitsky, as well as all those officials who perpetrate other gross human rights abuses around the world. It has been co-sponsored by 30% of the entire Senate. Once it is implemented, it will create one of the first real consequences for human rights abusers, which is that they won't be able to travel and spend their blood money around the world,” said William Browder.

The Cinema for Peace is a worldwide initiative, promoting humanity through film. It aims to raise awareness for the social relevance of films and to make active use of the influence of movies and documentaries on the perception and resolution of global social, political and humanitarian challenges of our time.

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