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Film Selection: The Jewish Struggle


Menachem & Fred

Director: Ronit Kertsner and Ofra Tevet

Year: 2008

Country: Germany

Length: 90 min

The reunion of two German Jewish brothers - who took vastly different directions at the end of WWII, and needed a lifetime to find their way back to each other.

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Last_Jews_of_Libya.jpgThe Last Jews of Libya

Director: Vivienne Roumani-Denn

Year: 2007

Country: Libya

Length: 50 min

The Last Jews of Libya documents the final decades of a centuries-old North African Sephardic Jewish community through the lives of the remarkable Roumani family, residents of Benghazi, Libya, for hundreds of years. Thirty-six thousand Jews lived in Libya at the end of World War II, today none remain. Based on the recently discovered memoirs of the family's matriarch, Elise Roumani, as well as interviews in English, Hebrew, Italian, and Arabic with several generations of the Roumani family and a trove of rare archival film and photographs, it is an unforgettable tale.

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