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Children of War


Director: Bryan Single
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Time: '75

Filmed in the war-zone of northern Uganda over a period of three years by Director Bryan Single. 'Children of War' is a unique and incandescent documentary which follows a group of former child soldiers as they escape the battlefield, enter a rehabilitation center, and undergo a process of trauma therapy and emotional healing.

Having been abducted from their homes and schools and forced to become fighters by the Lord's Resistance Army - a quasi-religious militia led by self-proclaimed prophet and war criminal Joseph Kony - the children struggle to confront and break through years of captivity, extreme religious indoctrination, and participation in war crimes with the help of a team of trauma counselors. As these fearless allies guide the children forward into new lives.

Children of War illuminates a powerful and cathartic story of forgiveness and hope in the aftermath of war.


Trailer: Children of War

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Film Selection: Congo Conflict / LRA